Litigation Support Services

J.P. Katz & Associates serves as an economic expert witness, provides valuations, and calculates damages for both plaintiffs and defendants.

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Business Consulting

How much is your business worth for sale or to qualify for a loan? Do you need a valuation for gift, estate or other purposes?

Find out what all the numbers mean for your company. Our services make complex data easy to understand.

Why Hire Us?

When you hire J.P. Katz & Associates, you get a team that is among the best at what they do and whose passion will show in the great work you get.

Analyzing financial and economic data is what we do and love. We like numbers. It's why we've published many papers, why one of our team was a founding professor at Simmons Business School, and why Fortune 100 companies have benefited from our work.

Lawyers are happy with us because we give them what they need - valuations and analyses that stand up in court and get results for their clients.

Businesses are happy with us because we turn balance sheets and financial statements into useful advice and recommendations.

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