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What makes us Unique?
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What Makes us Unique?

What differentiates J.P. Katz & Associates, LLC from similar firms? What makes us a strong partner for you when valuation, financial analysis, economic analysis or litigation issues arise?

Deep understanding of the business process and of the elements that affect the value of a company. When looking for gold, you'll have better luck finding it if you have a geologist with you. We know how to identify and estimate the value of your tangible and intangible assets. We know where to look and how to recognize the elements of value; and how to use those factors to your advantage. Making use of the latest research tools, we can identify the unique characteristics of each business and of the industry to which it belongs.

Complete knowledge of professional standards, court procedures, financial theories, practices and methods. A thorough knowledge of the tools is critical to the successful completion of any assignment. We excel in both traditional and modern valuation techniques, and use them to correctly determine the value of your business. We monitor the economic environment to anticipate trends and their effects on economic development. We have access to historic economic information for many industries, professions and occupations and we know how to process this data using sophisticated mathematical, econometric, and statistical procedures.

Experience and creativity. Our skills enable us to identify the important factors leading to optimal solutions. No matter what your problem might be, there's a strong chance we have previously dealt with similar issues in our 25-year practice. Putting together the experience of past cases and the knowledge of present rules and regulations, we can provide high-quality solutions, well supported by facts. Our creative skills allow us to develop unique solutions to what appear to be intractable problems.

Dedicated and well-trained staff. J.P. Katz & Associates, LLC brings together people with different areas of expertise to create synergistic teams that develop optimal solutions.

We are members of professional appraisal associations, economic organizations and other professional groups allowing us to keep up with the continuous changes in industry regulations, professional procedures, and general information.

We've been active in the profession as demonstrated by research and publications.