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Business Damages Computation

We calculate damages related to business disputes. We understand the essence of damages and how to estimate their economic value.

Since the goal of each business is to make money, a company will be harmed through a reduction of its earnings. J.P. Katz & Associates, LLC has the knowledge and skills to analyze the multiple factors involved in such situations and correctly estimate lost profits and other losses.

Computation of damages related to personal injury and/or wrongful death is another part of our services. In theory, computation of damages related to personal injury and/or wrongful death is very straightforward, but in practice it is highly complex and requires a thorough understanding of economics, statistics, finance, actuarial sciences, pensions and income tax.

We have often dealt with issues like lost income, lost economic benefits, valuation of medical expenses, analysis of a person's economic position, future expectations and economic effects on the surviving members of the family. We have performed analyses of:

What would sales be without the damaging event? What would cost be without the damaging event? Through complex calculations we help our clients come up with realistic estimates and credible damage claims for presentation in front of a court or a jury.

J.P. Katz & Associates, LLC can also help you with making and responding to settlement offers. Or defend yourself against unreasonable damage claims made by third parties. We offer assistance with: