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What does Fairness Opinion have to do with me?

Is your company about to make a major decision that effects its corporate value? If so, there is the potential for conflicts of interest.

And that means, to satisfy shareholders, the SEC, and meet accepted practice, it is likely necessary to obtain a fairness opinion.

What is a fairness opinion?

We at J.P. Katz & Associates serve as a third party to make sure that the deal is for a fair price and/or executed in an appropriate fashion.

To do so, we analyze the relevant financial documents, apply appropriate precedent, and provide you with the needed analysis.

What situations need a fairness opinion?

Situations that require a fairness opinion include:


A proper fairness opinion helps protect your company from litigation while ensuring that a fair transaction takes place, which is beneficial to all parties.

Also, fairness opinions have become standard practice since a landmark Supreme Court ruling where a company was found negligent for not obtaining one.

Why JP Katz & Associates?

You will get a professional, accurate and relevant fairness opinion that meets the highest standards.

Having 100+ valuation cases behind us and many publications, we really know how to do a great job for you.

We have been recognized for our impartiality and accuracy. That means your fairness opinion is itself fair and will be recognized as such. While that would seem to go without saying, it's actually quite important.

In 2007, after all, the SEC updated the requirements for a proper fairness opinion to combat the increasing use of banks who had conflicts of interest themselves. These updated rules focus on maintaining impartiality.

Our fairness opinions comply with regulations, are thorough and accepted.

Please call (617) 527-5900 or email us, , and we'd be glad to explain how we can help you.