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Attorney on Trial


Attorney John Hill was the defendant in a legal malpractice suit. Plantiff claimed that Mr. Hill did not provide the proper services in a labor relations matter and this led to a strike that cost the plantiff millions of dollars.

We were called in to analyze those claims.

The situation:

New England Industries wanted to stop its employees from forming a union. To do so, they hired John Hill to find legal ways to stop the union from forming.

Mr. Hill found several ways and pursued all legal options, but the union formed anyway, and the employees went on strike. Moving on to new cases, Mr. Hill realized that New England Industries had not paid his fees. He sent them a bill.

They responded with a lawsuit.

New England Industries' revenues decreased because of the strike and they claimed that the lost income was the result of Mr. Hill's negligent performance.

On learning that he was about to settle, a friend advised Mr. Hill's counsel to call Jerrold Katz to analyze the data to see what was really causing the lost profitability.

We did what we always do - get to the bottom of things. We looked through all relevant discovery material including depositions and analyzed the financial data. One person in particular stood out - a former general manager, George.

We met with George and asked him about the operations at New England Industries. During our conversation we learned that George had started a new company, and most of his clients were former clients of New England Industries.

The depth of our analysis gave Mr. Hill the information he needed to resolve his case in a satisfactory fashion.