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20 Years of Lost Income

A cheated family:

Jenny was waiting outside court for her divorce to finalize. It was taking forever, and mostly out of curiosity she went to the records office and asked to see the will of her Grandfather, who had died 30 years ago.

A business tycoon, Grandfather had left a construction company to his daughter, an only child, with the condition that she divide it equally among her children. Jenny's Mom, however, decided to leave the entire business to her favorite son, Mark, an arrangement the other three children felt unfair, but did not contest because they were told that it was how grandfather wanted it.

Looking carefully through the will, Jenny realized something was wrong.

Grandpa had left the business to all four of his grandchildren!

JP Katz & Associates was called in to determine how much Mark owed his siblings. We had to analyze thousands of pages of records, covering many years and several businesses.

Because Mark hid as much information as he could, we had to use statistical analysis to fill in the blanks in order to find an accurate value.

Our analysis indicated that the business Mark owned had generated significant amounts of money. Because of it, Mark was forced to settle with his siblings.