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The 15 Best Economics & Finance Blogs

Best Economics Blogs | J. P. Katz & Associates, LLC

The New York Times is respected for having the highest standards of writing as well as journalistic integrity. Such qualities are seen too in its economics blog. An excellent read, and number one on our list as such.

#1) Economix

The New York Times is respected for having the highest standards of writing as well as journalistic integrity. Such qualities are seen too in its economics blog. An excellent read, and number one on our list as such.

#2) Curious Cat Investing and Economics Blog

What makes this blog so great is how it combines personal experience and advice with the facts to generate posts that are both fun to read and informative. Especially useful is the way that it uses graphs and charts to illustrate points, like the excessive US spending on Health care.

You get wonderful economic and investing analysis and advice from this blog.

#3) Cash Money Life

This blog offers excellent investing and money advice. The writing is clear, easy to understand, and fun. The advice is useful and relevant. And to make points, the author, Patrick, is willing to use creative metaphors and colorful language. Definitely worth a read.

#4) Division of Labor

This blog looks at news and important economic issues of the day and analyzes them. Its variety of authors provide commentary as well as synopsis of leading thought and ideas in economics. Because this blog mixes somewhat detailed mathematics with loose and friendly writing, it makes difficult subjects approachable.

#5) International Corporate Governance

An interesting look at corporate governance from – you might be able to guess this part – an international perspective. This blog can go from analyzing SEC policy to JP Morgan to the Committee of European Securities Regulators. Deliciously technical, it’s always a great read.

#6) Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis

Written by Mike Shedlock, an investment advisor at SitkaPacific Capital Management, this blog clearly shows his expertise. He catches small things that would pass other people by; and comments on them with clarity and depth of thought. Reading his blog is a pleasure.

#7) Capital Markets & Economic Analysis

Written by Peter Richardson who has over 40 years experience as an analyst, this blog provides clever and sharp points about economic indicators like oil, as well as solid analyses of general economic issues, like the materials sector and the state of China’s economy.

It’s a winner because it’s smart, relevant and provides a rare level of thought. Reading it makes you sharper, smarter.

#8) David B. Lerner

More of a personal blog than some of the other options, this one makes it on the list for its humor, good sense and general interest. For instance, posts like the “The Ideal Venture Capitalist: Top Ten Reasons Sherlock Holmes Fits the Bill” are humorous yet thought-provoking.

#9) The Economist Free Exchange Blog

Well written and focused on the pressing economic issues of the day. The Free Exchange blog does just that – not only does it provide insight and useful commentary itself, it freely links to other high quality writing out there. Which means that visiting this blog ends up with you wasting (or investing!) that much more time not doing your work.

#10) Real Time Economics

Analyses from the Wall Street Journal are presented on this top economics blog. It is constantly updated, which is good, considering how pertinent the topics it covers are. A wide diversity of topics, strong writing, and general high quality make it worth reading.

#11) Grasping Reality with Opposable Thumbs

Economist J. Bradford is extremely productive – this blog updates quite frequently with excellent content. Better yet, it provides a wide variety of sources as well as personal insight. He weighs in on important topics like macroeconomic GDP indications with good humor and wit.

#12) Economic Reality Blog

Kristjan Velbri focuses on the big picture in this respected economic blog. What distinguishes him is his interest in the people behind the scenes, as well as thoroughly investigating the implications of their policies. A first-class blog.

#13) Robert Reich

A former secretary of labor for the Clinton administration, Robert provides direct commentary that is bold, accurate and thought-provoking. What makes this blog special is that it tackles the big issues in a way that is extremely accessible – top notch, yet the ideas are presented clearly so a general audience can understand.

#14) Free Money Finance

This blog provides excellent advice on how to save money – and then invest it wisely so that you’ll become very wealthy. There are many that try to do similar things, but Free Money Finance is ahead of the pack, and well worth your time.

#15) Calculated Risk Finance & Economics

This blog has an air of relaxation and knowledge about it, which makes sense – its posts deliver just that. A typical post on this blog is either an important news update or some interesting commentary on the world at large. Calculated Risk Finance & Economics is a star in the blogosphere.