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Economic and Financial Analysis

Right now, your business has a dazzling amount of numbers; imagine knowing what they actually mean for your company and its future.

Is a merger or acquisition a good idea? Who is your most profitable customer? Where is the market going?

We turn the overwhelming amount of information into understandable, relevant analysis that helps you make the right decisions.

We can analyze how the various items in a firm’s financial statement relate to each other, or assess how it’s operating, or scrutinize how investment and financial cash flows are managed.

We have experience with the analysis of balance sheets and income statements and their components. Our expertise has been used for a variety of purposes. Examples include: forecasts of a company’s future performance for valuations, financial distress issues, analysis of mergers and acquisitions, and estimation of damage or losses due to unfair competition. Our analyses cover a wide range of topics, such as: developing financial models, measuring overall profitability, evaluating investments or development plans, performing efficiency studies, projecting selection, and preparing feasibility studies.

Past work includes:

  • Income Estimation
  • Anti-trust / Monopoly Damages
  • Evaluation of Corporate Performance
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Analysis of Investment Strategies
  • Corporate Profitability and Operations
  • Debt Analysis
  • Employee Discrimination
  • Determination of Rates of Return
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Financial Modeling