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Litigation Services

Win your case

J. P. Katz & Associates is the right choice to provide economic services for your case. Here are just three reasons why:

  1. We know economics and finance well enough to teach it – at Columbia and other top schools.
  2. We have more than 100 cases behind us, including cases we have successfully won for Fortune 100 companies
  3. We have experience with all types and levels of Judicial forums for a wide variety of clients.

You get efficiency, accuracy and experience that makes the difference.

What can we do for you?

We analyze financial reports, depositions, and other information belonging to clients or opponents; assist clients throughout the discovery process related to them, their opponents and other parties; assist with depositions; and provide financial analyses and other economic information.

We know what questions to ask, what documents make convincing evidence, and how to identify the weak points in an adversary’s case.

Each case comes with vital legal precedents that we either know or become familiar with, so we can help lawyers prepare counter-arguments to the opponent’s statements. We present and support our reports in court, with tax authorities, or before other judicial forums.

We’ve assisted both plaintiff and defense attorneys from the initial discovery process through the end of the trial. We have worked on commercial litigations, divorces, business interruptions, anti-trust cases, construction claims, and many more. Our reports have withstood the rigors of legal scrutiny every time they were challenged, and have met all ethical, legal and professional standards. Our services include:

  • Identification of Hidden Assets
  • Reconstruction of Financial Records
  • Analysis of Fraudulent Transactions
  • Identification of Evidence Through Financial Document Analysis
  • Damage Estimates
  • Development of Litigation Strategies
  • Dissenting Shareholder Litigation
  • Critique of Opposing Expert’s Value
  • Alternative Value Dispute Resolution
  • Rebuttal Testimony
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Evaluation of Settlement Offers

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